Welcome to the York County Property & Taxes page, a directory meant to help you access a variety of resources available to you through York County government. 

Assessment & Tax Claim Office:

This office is responsible for evaluating properties and placing market value assessments on them. These assessments are used in combination with property tax rates established by the County, municipalities and school districts to determine the individual property tax levies payable each year. The Assessment & Tax Claim Office is also statutorily required to collects delinquent property tax payments on behalf of all taxing authorities. This office also administers the Homestead and Farmstead Exclusion Program and the Clean and Green Preferential Assessment Program. Please note: This office does not collect current property taxes. For that, please contact your local tax collector.

Agricultural Land Preservation Board:

The York County Agricultural Land Preservation Board preserves agricultural resources through the use of conservation easements. These easements are deed restrictions that prevent a property from becoming developed and ensure its continued availability for agricultural production. Interested property owners must apply to become part of the program. Properties are ranked based on certain characteristics and preserved based on those rankings.

Conservation District:

The York County Conservation District is devoted to assisting residents with their natural resource and environmental concerns. This office provides educational programs and administers laws and regulations for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and the State Conservation Commission.

Planning Commission:

The York County Planning Commission was formed in 1959 by the York County Board of County Commissioners. It provides a wide variety of planning services, and is primarily focused on the development of a countywide comprehensive plan. The Planning Commission is a great source for information such as building permit data, census projections and more. It also administers several programs, such as the Weatherization Program, a first-time homebuyer’s program and others.

Recorder of Deeds:

The Recorder of Deeds office is responsible for the recording and maintaining of all real estate documents in York County. Beyond real estate, the Recorder's office also records military discharge papers and notary bonds/commissions.