York County Department of Parks and Recreation has successfully provided internship/practicum opportunities in a wide range of majors.  The Department finds great value in the influx of new ideas, skills, and viewpoints that interns bring.  


  • To apply academic course work to a hands-on practical experience.
  • To problem solve in a work environment.
  • To exchange ideas with professionals in the field.
  • To expose the student to projects and opportunities that will provide practical experience for future job opportunities.

Intern teaching
“This has been the best experience of my life so far, and I am eager to continue on my path on becoming a great naturalist!”
Laura Soder – Zoo Keeping
Delaware Valley College – Summer 2009

Who Can Apply?:

Traditionally interns come with backgrounds in Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies, Biology/Environmental Science, and Education.  The parks department has a diverse operation and additionally has welcomed a wide range of students in other majors for internships. A few examples include computer science, graphic design, technical writing and marketing.

“The writing internship with the York County Department of Parks and Recreation has been a great experience.  Along with gaining an awareness of writing in the real world for specific audiences, I was given many opportunities to learn about and develop professional work skills.  My supervisor helped me overcome obstacles by learning my weaknesses and understanding how to address them, and every staff member at the nature center was very welcoming” 
Amanda Kissinger - Professional writing intern
York College of Pennsylvania - Fall 2010

How do I Apply?:

Interested applicants should contact Kelsey Frey, Manager of Education and Outreach, by calling Nixon Park Nature Center at 717-428-1961 or email your resume and statement of interest.