All Dependent Care Facilities

All Dependent Care Facility Operators should use the plans and training listed below. Each type of Dependent Care Facility is then listed further below.


Comprehensive Planning Guide (CPG 101) provides guidelines on developing emergency operations plans (EOP).


National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction, IS-700

Introduction to Incident Command System, IS-100

Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response. IS-200

National Response Framework, An Introduction, IS-800

Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents ICS-300 (contact York County OEM for available classes)

Advanced Incident Command ICS-400 (contact York County OEM for available classes)

ICS Overview for Executive/Senior Officials G-402 (for Executive Leaders. Contact York County OEM for available classes)



The Pennsylvania All-Hazards School Safety Planning Toolkit provides guidelines for school districts/schools and communities to address all types of crises, emergencies, and disasters that might impact their campuses.  Standard procedures are provided for these situations to assist facilities with a foundation for planning and a framework for response when an event happens.


All-Hazards School Safety Planning Toolkit 

Guide for Developing School EOPs


 Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools IS-362

Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters IS-366

FEMA's Emergency Management Institute offers school officials courses supporting the implementation of NIMS as well as general courses aimed at building school emergency management capacity.


Key Pennsylvania Safe Schools Legislation


Day Cares

No matter where the child care facility is or how large it is, children, staff, and even parents may be at risk as a result of natural or human-caused disasters. Effective planning and response is achieved by coordination, cooperation, and the participation of individuals and the community at large.


Check the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency's (PEMA) site for the latest templates.


Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters IS-366

Multihazard Planning for Childcare IS-36 


Title 55 Chapter 3270 Child Day Care Centers

Title 55 Chapter 3280 Group Child Day Care Homes

Title 55 Chapter 3290 Family Child Day Care Homes


Nursing Homes

Nursing homes can carry out their emergency management responsibilities by focusing on four interrelated activities: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Each of the activities is a phase of a comprehensive emergency management process. The overall goal is to protect residents and staff from environmental and man-made threats and to minimize their impact on operations.


Follow the guidance listed in Chapter 209 of Title 28




Title 28 Chapter 209


Personal Care Facilities

It is essential that personal care facility owners and administrators equip themselves to be disaster-flexible, to be able to respond to disasters that endanger the lives of residents and staff and damage property. While not all disasters may be anticipated, like an impending storm, studies do demonstrate that preparation, knowing how to respond when a disaster strikes, and being calm and flexible saves lives and reduces physical damage.


Regulatory Compliance Guide




Title 55 Chapter 2600.107


Assisted Living Facilities

Natural disasters test the best plans made by assisted living providers and force us to make difficult choices under stressful circumstances, the most serious of which is often whether or not to evacuate a facility. Further confounding attempts to offer emergency preparedness guidelines is that assisted living facilities differ greatly in their population, location, resources, services offered, and structure.


Regulatory Compliance Guide




Title 55 Chapter 2800.107


Home Health Care Providers


Disaster Planning Guide for Home Health Care Providers




Title 28 Chapter 601


Emergency Preparedness Rule for Medicare Providers

1- Outline

2- Basic Provisions

3- Core Capabilities

4- Facility Profile

5- CPG 201

6- CPG 201 supplement

7- Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) Tool- download from our Google Drive site.

8- EOP Guide

9- CPG 101

10- Org Chart

11- Org Chart blank

12- ICS Positions

13- EOP Table of Contents Sample

14- NIMS Training