Planning and training are keys to effectively dealing with different types of disasters. Emergency plans are developed as blueprints for response to a variety of scenarios and assist communities in developing localized emergency operations plans.

Special Event Planning

A special event is defined as any type of planned activity that is held which will place a group of 10,000 or more known or estimated participants or attendees in a defined area where access by emergency vehicles may be delayed. Developing a plan for these types of events may prove to be difficult without the proper guidance and assistance from all of the potential players. Contact us so that we may offer ideas on how to collaborate with the potential players to ensure that a comprehensive special event plan is developed.


Individuals and families should learn how to prepare for disasters.

Businesses can do much to prepare for the impact of the many hazards they face.

Knowing how to react during an emergency at a nuclear power plant can reduce the risk of injury.

Helping citizens with special needs is critical during an emergency.


Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) was established under Act 165 of 1990. The responsibility of LEPC is to receive information about hazardous chemicals, analyze the information, and develop plans for responding to chemical emergencies within York County. LEPC is comprised of a broad representation of the community including elected officials, law enforcement, the fire community, health and environmental workers, the news media, along with local business owners and operators. These individuals volunteer their time to attend meetings, review plans and provide education to the residents of the County.

LEPC, through the SARA Planning Specialist, assists industries with planning, training and exercises, and coordination with emergency responders. It is through this outreach that emergency responders along with industry, strengthen their ability to respond to real chemical emergencies, in the event that one would occur.

The York County LEPC meets at 10 a.m. on the the third Tuesday of every other month beginning in February. The meeting is held at the York County Emergency Services Center, 120 Davies Drive, York, PA 17402. A copy of the by-laws are located here. To contact the LEPC, call our office at 717-840-2990.

Current Agenda April 19, 2022

LEPC Membership

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Chemicals: In the wrong hands,lethal. In the right hands, useful.

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Mitigation is another way to say "relieve" or "alleviate". Periodically, York County Office of Emergency Management in conjunction with the York County Planning Commission updates the Hazard Mitigation Plan. This plan examines the hazards that could affect the county and lays out the strategies to mitigate them.