Welcome to the website for the York County Court of Common Pleas, the 19th Judicial District of Pennsylvania!

The 19th Judicial District is composed of the York County Court of Common Pleas and 19 magisterial districts.

The Court of Common Pleas, as the trial court, hears major civil and criminal cases. The Court also decides cases involving adoption, divorce, child custody, abuse, juvenile delinquency, estates, guardianships, charitable organizations and many other matters.

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The 19 magisterial districts are lower-level courts each presided over by magisterial district judges. The jurisdiction of these judges includes small claims cases, landlord-tenant disputes, traffic cases and minor criminal matters.

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The goal of this website is to provide you with a wealth of information regarding court structure, operations, scheduling, local rules and more.

For example, the jury page allows prospective jurors the convenience of completing necessary qualification and deferral requests online to avoid the costs and delays of mailing forms. You will find Court schedules and procedural information in the Court Administrator’s section.

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