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Sheriff Keuerleber announces new program "Project Lifesaver"
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The York County Sheriff's Office and the York County District Attorney's Office have joined together in a partnership with Project Lifesaver International for a new program available to residents of York County. Project Lifesaver International will help to provide a timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for children and adults who wander due to Alzheimer’s, autism and other related conditions or disorders. Project Lifesaver helps to bridge the gap for at-risk populations and public safety agencies. 

Individuals enrolled in Project Lifesaver wear a small personal transmitter around the wrist or ankle that emits an individualized tracking signal. If an enrolled individual goes missing, the caregiver notifies 911, and trained deputies respond to the wanderer’s area. Most who wander are found within the first few miles from home, and search times can be reduced from hours and days to minutes. 

Participants in the Project Lifesaver Program must be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and not live alone. This tracking program is the absolute last step in safety.

How to Apply

Email Lt. David Godfrey at dmgodfrey@old.yorkcountypa.gov to have a client considered for The Project Lifesaver Program. Your request will be reviewed for selection if applicable.  Consideration into the program does not guarantee entry into the Project Lifesaver Program—specific criteria must be met to qualify. You will receive a response within 72 hours of submission.


Mission Statement

The Mission of the York County Sheriff's Office shall be to serve and support the citizens of York County and the Justice System through efficacy and professionalism. To provide care and secure custody of detainees, security of Courthouse facilities, safety of employees and citizens and to serve warrants and civil process in a diligent manner while protecting and respecting the rights of all.

The Sheriff has the primary duty of keeping the peace and quelling riots and disturbances. He/she may make arrests, conduct searches of premises, seize certain property if used illegally, remove certain nuisances and issue firearms permits.

Execution of various judgments of the courts is another of his/her duties, and in this capacity the sheriff conducts sales of real estate and personal property involved in execution proceedings. After sales, the sheriff distributes the proceeds to parties entitled to them and makes a full report to the court.

The Sheriff is a member of the Prison Board and a member of the Board of Managers of the Youth Development Center.

He/she maintains computer records in which all writs that come to him/her are recorded.





Richard P. Keuerleber, Sheriff 


Deputy Sheriff Edward "Skip" Schroeder, Jr



Deputy Sheriff Edward "Skip" Schroeder, Jr
1957 -2005

Deputy Schroeder was attending the Deputy Sheriffs Training Academy in State College, Pennsylvania. On Monday, January 10, 2005, Deputy Schroeder was in the 12th lap of a 12 lap indoor running exercise at the academy when he collapsed. Deputy Schroeder was immediately connected to a defibrillator, but was unable to be revived. Deputy Schroeder had been employed by the York County Sheriff's Department for 16 months.

Police Heritage Museum's Tribute



Contact Information

Emergency: 911
Non-emergency number for 911 center:717-840-2971

Sheriff's Office Main Line: 717-771-9601

For security reasons the following items are not permitted in the Judicial Center: cell phones, cameras, pagers, radios, compact disk players, any type of recording device, pepper spray, mace, tools, cutting instruments, electronic games, food or drink, and any other item Sheriff's Office Personnel determine to be a security risk.