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 Welcome to York County Human Services 

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Gov. Wolf: Support & Referral Helpline Created for Pennsylvanians in Need of Behavioral Health Resources and Referrals During COVID-19 Public Health Crisis 


Departments within York County Human Services include:

          Phone icon 8 29 2019(717) 771-9347 or Email icon 8 29

          Phone icon 8 29 2019(717) 771-9610 or Email icon 8 29

          Phone icon 8 29 2019(717) 846-8496 or Email icon 8 29

          Phone icon 8 29 2019(717) 771-9222

          Phone icon 8 29 2019(717) 771-9900 or Email icon 8 29

          Phone icon 8 29 2019(717) 771-9618

          Phone icon 8 29 2019(717) 840-7570

York County Human Services provides a variety of services meant to help people of all ages. These services are provided primarily through several York County Human Services departments. We strive to enhance the delivery of our services to the citizens of York County. Currently, we are working on becoming more comprehensive, more accessible, and also building the quality of the experience residents of York County have while interacting with our various departments. The goal of each of the departments is to provide client-focused services that maintain or improve the quality of life for clients and their families.

We welcome you to visit the individual department pages and learn more about the resources available to you, your family and friends. We are making every effort to improve your service with us, and welcome any feedback or suggestions on ways to achieve that goal.

Mission Statement

The Mission of York County Human Services will be to provide equal access to services for the safety, and well-being of all eligible residents, in a timely and cost effective manner.

We will accomplish this by...

  • Protecting children and vulnerable adults
  • Supporting communities and families in raising children who develop to their fullest potential
  • Strive to assure that all people’s basic needs are met
  • Building healthy communities and self-reliant individuals


Other Important Listings for Your Information...

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services offers many services to the people of Pennsylvania, and provides many of the funding sources utilized in York County Human Services. For a listing of the services they provide, please visit their website.
  • The York County Human Services Draft Plan 2019-2020 is now available at this link, right below the top header section here.
  • Please feel free to view our other website for even more information at


Our Office is located at: 100 West Market Street, York, PA 17401.

Phone: 717-771-9347. Email:

Other website: