Controllers Office
Administrative Center
28 East Market St.
York, PA 17401-1596

Telephone: 717-771-9616    Fax: 717-771-4330

The County Controller supervises the fiscal affairs of the County.  The accounts of all County Departments and a full set of financial records for these departments are kept in detail.  This includes details of all funds collected and disbursed by these departments.  All bids on contracts exceeding $19,700 are received in the Controller's office and opened at a public meeting.  Payroll for both union and non-union salaried and hourly employees are prepared and distributed.

The Controller is required to file a statement of receipts and expenditures by July 1st after the end of the most recent calendar year. The report is filed with the Court of Common Pleas, with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, published in the local newspapers and is detailed on the county website.  The Controller is the liaison Officer who works with the County's external auditors and also publishes the County's audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the single audit report, the cost allocation plan and the DCED York County annual financial report.

The Controller's office also supervises and administers the day to day operations of the County's retirement plan.  The Controller coordinates with our retirement manager the Diversified Portfolio of our investments.  The market value of the investments in this plan on November 24, 2017 was $385,938,603.37.

The Controller is a member of the Salary Board, the Retirement Board, the Prison Board and the Youth Development Center Board.