Friends of Wallace Cross Mill:

Wallace-Cross Mill is a restored 1826 water-powered grist mill located near Cross Roads, East Hopewell Township. Wallace-Cross Mill was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. Harry Cross, the last operator of the mill presented the building to York County in 1979. The Friends of Wallace-Cross Mill was formed in 1999 to oversee the programs at the newly restored mill. Today the group conducts open houses at the mill from June through October and plans the future for the mill.

Wallace Cross Mill Friends Group Mission Statement

To acquire, preserve, and protect Wallace-Cross Mill through partnerships, artifact collection, structural maintenance, and educational and exhibition activities for interpretation of agricultural history and significance for individuals of all ages. 

Benn Hasset cross millWallace Cross Mill Updates:

In 2006, the second and third floors of the mill were opened with new displays containing mill equipment and history on local milling. These displays further enhanced the operating mill located on the first floor. A new display on the history of the Wallace and Cross families opened in 2010.

To keep the mill in good working condition, the Friends of Wallace-Cross Mill hired nationally-known millwright Ben Hassett to conduct a survey of the building and equipment and do repairs. Ben and York County Parks have also designed a maintenance plan to keep Wallace-Cross Mill in running order for years to come. (See “This Old Mill” story).


Wallace Cross Mill Schedule:

2021 Open Schedule

Most open houses are held concurrently with the open houses hosted by Ma & Pa Railroad Heritage Village at Muddy Creek Forks, only a short distance away. Combining these two historic markers in a one-day’s visit really allows you to step back into time.

A Docent Training session will be scheduled in the spring for those interested in assisting with the tours.  It is a great oppertunity to get good pointers and information.

 The Friends Executive Committee meets throughout the year to plan events, discuss new displays and oversee the operation of the mill. 

 Anyone wishing to donate a milling artifact or piece of memorabilia to Wallace-Cross Mill please call Kelsey Frey at (717) 428-1961 or email at


 What is a Docent?

A docent is a volunteer who simply enjoys talking to people and requires no knowledge of milling or Wallace-Cross Mill. Docents are stationed at the mill to welcome the guests, assist in tours, answer any questions they may have and supply them with some information on the history on the area. The mill is open for public events June through October.

 Why should I become a Docent?

Being a docent is fun! It is a great opportunity to learn more about things that interest you and share them with others. Most visitors to our museum are either interested in the history of the area or just curious about what is inside. As long as you enjoy talking to people, you qualify as a docent. Friendships have been formed through being a docent and the knowledge of giving something back to the community. Docents are invited to special functions by the Friends groups and York County Parks (picnics, Holiday events, volunteer recognitions, etc.)

Who can become a Docent?

Everyone is welcome to volunteer. Our docents range from students to retirees who share a love of local history and desire to share that interest with visitors. A docent under the age of 18 needs to be supervised by an adult while volunteering.  

How do I Qualify?

Not to worry, there are no tests to take to become qualified! If you wear a smile, this is a spot for you. Orientation sessions and mentoring under an experienced docent will provide the basic background needed to begin. Any additional information you need to know about the Museum and local history is found in written literature at the Mill.

Are there any training sessions?

The Friends of Wallace-Cross Mill host an orientation session, usually in May. This orientation presents information on opening, operating and closing the Mill and basic history. Usually, new docents are placed on a team of experienced docents so they can see how tours are operated. Two or three docents are used for staffing open houses.

When are Docents Needed?

 Two to three docents are needed for each Sunday open house from 1:30 – 4:30 pm from June to September. Additional docents are needed for the special events.  

To register to become a docent, contact Kelsey Frey at (717) 428-1961 or email at