To Support the York County Parks with a donation, you can make a donation online at or please call our office at 717-840-7440 and press 2 for additional information.  Thank you for your support!


Creating a Legacy:

"Man plants trees to benefit another generation." That statement is as true today as it was when the Roman Statesman Cicero wrote it more than 2,000 years ago.


Trustees of the York County Parks Foundation Charitable Trust recently planted two seedlings in hopes that they grow and mature to benefit the future. These "seedlings" are endowment funds. The purpose of these funds is to accumulate capital to provide for the acquisition of additional parks lands and for capital improvement.

The two funds, the Legacy Fund, managed by the York County Parks Foundation Charitable Trust, and the York County Parks Foundation Endowment, managed by York Foundation, serve to preserve, protect and acquire park lands.

Does York County Parks need an endowment? Yes, the County of York through your tax money supports the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the existing parks. However, if our park system is to grow and thrive, it will need the support of contributions from our community.

There is a proud tradition of donations to our county park system. Land donated to York County formed the very beginning of our county parks. Indeed, five of our parks are a direct result of gifts.

By taking action today, you can assure that future generations will have beautiful parks and natural areas. Your donation to either the Legacy Fund or the Foundation Endowment in the form of planned giving - including gifts of stock, real estate or cash, insurance policies, bequests, and trusts - will allow our park system to grow.

All gifts received are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. In many instances, there may be a tax savings by leaving a gift to a not-for-profit organization. Your financial advisor can best provide the necessary tax information.


Gathering Leaves Society Plays
Vital Role in Protecting Our Parks:

York County Parks would like to announce the creation of the "Gathering Leaves Society." The Gathering Leaves Society honors those who have taken on the challenge of providing for the stewardship of the York County Parks over the long term. Members recognize the need for a strong foundation of support to strengthen the York County Parks' ability to make a positive difference in saving the places we care about.

Each gift will play a vital role in the preservation of our parks and natural areas for generations to come. Donors do this through bequests, gifts on retirement funds or IRAs, gifts of real estate, life income plans, charitable gift annuities and life insurance plans of $1000 or more.

Gifts to the York County Parks Foundation Charitable Trust, the York County Parks 501(c)(3) development board, are structured to provide value to the donor. Depending on your financial situation, you may enjoy a variety of tax and annual income benefits by giving a planned gift to York County Parks.

Membership in the Gathering Leaves Society is accorded to anyone who chooses to remember the York County Parks and invests in our conservation mission through a planned gift or donation. As important partners, Gathering Leaves members will be recognized in our annual report as well as receive invitations to special activities and an annual reception.

You are invited to become a founding member of our Gathering Leaves Society. By making a planned gift, members are extending their commitment to helping in the preservation of special places in York County. To discuss the possibilities of a lifetime gift, please contact Michael Fobes at (717) 840-7228 or via e-mail at


Park Bench Donation: On hold until further notice.

There is a standard park bench identified at each park. The size, color and type of bench vary according to the individual park. Generally, the benches are made from recycled plastic lumber and installed using concrete to anchor the unit in place.

The donation to purchase a bench with a donor plaque is a one-time fee of $2000.00. Each park has a plan that outlines the general location where benches will be placed. There are a limited number of benches available and donations will be processed on a first-come first-serve basis. If you so desire, an appropriate plaque, in keeping with those on existing benches, may be affixed to the bench.

The bench and plaque will remain as long as the bench is deemed appropriate by the parks department and usable by the public. If the bench or plaque should be destroyed by natural catastrophe or vandalism within five years of the original donation, it will be replaced at no additional expense to the donor. Should vandalism become a problem, the parks department has the option of moving the plaque to a central recognition wall within the designated park. After five years, should the bench or plaque be damaged, the plaque will be moved to the designated central recognition wall. The bench may be removed, reused, replaced or relocated and offered again under the park bench donation program.

Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed under the law.