York County Astronomical Society

The York County Astronomical Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the science of astronomy to all concerned. Unless otherwise advertised, most star watches are held at our observatory, located in John Rudy County Park, at 400 Mundis Race Road in York, Pennsylvania, 17406.   They are free and open to the public. If you have a red-filtered flashlight please bring it along.

The Society owns various telescopes; a 14” Dobsonian, a 12” SCT computerized goto scope, a 10"SCT, Two 8” Dobsonian telescopes, a 4.5” Newtonian telescope, a 4” Astro-Physics Refractor telescope, a Coronado Solar Telescope, and the Society also has a 12’ dish antenna for radio astronomy, and associated electronic recording equipment.

The York County Astronomical Society holds a public observing session every month, the public observing session is held the night after the planetarium show (weather permitting) at the Rudy Park Observatory. The club's telescopes will be used to show the public many of the fascinating objects that are up in the nighttime sky. We will also be showing people how to use Star charts to identify the stars and constellations that are up in the nighttime sky. The public is encouraged to bring their own telescopes, if they have one, to learn how to use them more effectively. These observing sessions are only held if it is partly cloudy to clear.To find out if an observing session is being held, the YCAS phone at 717-578-9109 can be called for an updated status. For more information about these or other YCAS events, go to their website at ycas.org or call (717) 578-9109 and leave a message and YCAS will contact you or e-mail: www.astroyork.com



BMX: Bumps & Berms

Bumps-N-Berms BMX is an ABA sanctioned not for profit parent’s organization that provides bicycle motocross racing for all ages and classes. We strive to provide a safe and family friendly race experience at a low cost.

Mission Statement

  • To educate and promote good sportsmanship and character skills in a competitive environment
  • To provide a family atmosphere and help all racers, families, and sponsors enjoy their stay at our facility
  • To support and promote the regulations and goodwill of our sanctioning body the American Bicycle Association
  • Provide a fiscally sound and safe racing venue
  • Further the sport of Bicycle Motocross Racing

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I get to the track?

A: We are located in John Rudy County Park. 400 Mundis Race Rd. York, PA 17406


Q: Do you have a beginner day or clinics?

A: Currently none are scheduled. We hope to have one or two in 2010. If interested in a clinic please email us at


There are riders of many experience levels at the track willing to help everyone especially beginners. The best advice we have
is “Just Ride.” At the track or around the neighborhood, riding your bike is the best way to improve.


Q: What times are practice and sign-up?

A: The track is open for practice during registration. Saturday from 4-5:30pm and Wednesday from 6-7pm. Also practice only nights

Thursdays from 6-8pm.


Q: What time does racing start?

A: Immediately after registration. Saturday around 6pm and Wednesday close to 7pm.


Q: How much does it cost to begin racing?

A: ABA membership is $45 yearly for the first family member.

Saturday entry fee is $9.00
Wednesday entry fee is $6.00


Q: Where do I find a rulebook?

A: A printed version is included with the new member packet which you will receive at the track with a completed membership application. Also one can be downloaded from the ABA.