York County Department of Parks and Recreation
Sports Field (Soccer/Softball) Policy
For Rudy and Rocky Ridge County Parks
(subject to change, effective January 1, 2009)



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To keep our sports fields in a safe, playable and environmentally sound condition, Park Rangers monitor the sport fields daily. The fields will be closed due to standing water or when pushing on it can easily move the turf. THE PARK RANGER’S DECISION OF SPORT FIELD STATUS IS FINAL. If it starts to rain/snow during a game, the Park Ranger will monitor the situation and determine if field conditions become unsafe. After a high precipitation period, the fields may be closed for several days until they are considered playable.The Parks Department also closes fields for turf maintenance purposes. Please check the field condition boards at both the softball and soccer field areas. Prior to your arrival, you may call our voice mail number 24 hours per day, at 840-7440, to receive a sport field condition report or follow us on Twitter@yorkcountyparks and receive up to date field condition reports.

It is the responsibility of the person making the field reservation to contact all team members to inform them of the field conditions. Please inform your team of the status of the fields and the information herein.

  Fields must be reserved for official league practice or scheduled games. Teams must use the field they are assigned. Please be considerate of other parties who may have the field reserved prior to or after your time. It is imperative to limit your field use to the times you have scheduled. If there is a conflict with a field, please check the field reservation board at each sport area. This board lists those who have the fields reserved. If a conflict arises on a field reservation, or in the event of an accident or emergency, call 911 and ask for a Park Ranger to respond to your location.

 Please pick up any trash you may see to keep the park clean. Each team reserving the field(s) is responsible for the neatness of the area.

 Obey all park regulations. Any misconduct, loud voices or foul language by team members or spectators will not be tolerated. Park rules and regulations are posted at the park’s informational boards. Respect the field closings, whereby, we can continue to provide you with the best possible facilities for your enjoyment.  

Field Usage

Beginning January 1, 2002, the primary use of the soccer and softball fields will be for their intended use. Use of the fields for purposes other than its intended use must be made in writing to the York County Parks and will be evaluated by staff according to field availability, conditions, use impact of activity and safety. 

Sports field Fees 

1. Charge $13.00 per hour or $96.00 daily rate per field to reserve for games. (For profit events, the rate is $20.00 per hour or $160.00 per day.) Teams can “tentatively” reserve fields. To finalize the reservation full payment of all fees must be made within 7 days. If payment is not received within 7 days, the tentative reservation will be cancelled. Please pay by cash, check or credit card.

2. Field (hours) reservations must be consecutive or must have at least 3 hours between rentals on the same day.

3. Charge for all sports fields by all users, including pavilion renters (Soccer Field #5 has no weather cancellations)

4.   A certificate of insurance naming the County of York as additionally insured must be received from all leagues/teams playing games or practicing on the fields. The certificate of insurance is due at the time of payment. 

5.   Cancellation Policy.

--One hour ($13.00) – For profit Events – one hour –($20.00)

--If the fields are not used due to weather/field closures it is each renters responsibility to contact the York County Parks Administration Office within 3 working days. The team will only be given credit if the Park Ranger closes the fields for weather. Any other type of cancellation will not receive any refund.

 --Requested refunds will be given to each team if another time does not fit into their schedule at the end of the year. 

6. Hours not used can be carried to the next year

Soccer Field Reservations Procedure

Field reservations for leagues that scheduled the fields during the past calendar year begin on the first working day of January. A league may reserve the same days and time slots as the previous year. Reservations can be made by telephone, fax (after 8:30 A.M.) or in person. Beginning March 15th  (or first working day thereafter), reservations will be taken for others interested in field use for spring/summer seasons.   Fall reservations for repeat customers will be accepted starting August 31st / New customers can reserve fields starting September 15th (or first working day thereafter).(New customers are defined as anyone that has not reserved a field within the last calendar year.)


Softball Field Reservations Procedure

Field reservations for softball fields will begin on the first working day of January. Reservations can be made by telephone, (after 8:30 A.M.) or in person. Reservations before this date are permitted with pavilion rental only. (example: company picnic, family reunion, etc…)

Adopted by York County Parks Advisory Board: 9/28/04