Pre & Post Field Trip Lesson Plans

The following is a list of lesson plans that the nature center staff and classroom teacher have compiled to coordinate with your field trip lesson.  We hope the following activities will help provide a hands-on and engaging experience for your students when combined with their field trip.  Scroll down to find the lessons you have registered for.  Click the italicized links to lesson PDFs below to open them in a new window.  *Please note, not all field trip lessons have corresponding pre & post field trip lesson plans at this time.  Please send feedback regarding the pre & post lesson plan ideas to

Click Your Field Trip Lesson Below:



  Africa Indoor Lesson

Grades K-2

PRE TRIP: A Day in Africa, Habitat Dioramas, African Animal Adventure

POST TRIP: African ABC, Habitat Handbags, Animal Report

Grades 3-5

PRE TRIP:  Africa the Continent, The Animals of Africa, Habitat Lap Sit, The Thicket Game

POST TRIP: Animals Talk Back

Grades 6-8

PRE TRIP Environment & Ecology: The Thicket Game, Carrying Capacity, Muskox Maneuvers

PRE TRIP Language Arts: Plain Poetry, Savannah Word Search, Missing Moths

PRE TRIP Social Studies: Three Dimensional Map of Africa, Protecting Endangered Species

POST TRIP Environment & Ecology: People of the Forest, Can It Be Real, National Geographic Explorers

POST TRIP Language Arts: Predator-Prey Diamante, Word Jeopardy, Moth Maps

POST TRIP Social Studies: Animals and Geography of Africa, Virtual Trip to East Africa


Arctic Indoor Lesson

Grades K-2

PRE TRIP: Ice Cold, Polar Bear, Eskimo Boy

POST TRIP: Habitat Handbag, Burr Cold, Arctic Report

Grades 3-5

PRE TRIP: Adapted Arctic, Temp in the Arctic

POST TRIP: Polar Bears in Phoenix, Talk Like the Eskimos

Grades 6-8

PRE TRIP Environment & Ecology: Pitching Tent, Day and Night’

PRE TRIP Language Arts: Musk Ox, Julie Wolves

PRE TRIP Social Studies: Map Study, Native Americans

POST TRIP Environment & Ecology: Icebergs, Arctic Seasons

POST TRIP Language Arts: Wild Wolves, I am a Walrus

POST TRIP Social Studies: Economics of Arctic Oil, History of Alaska


Bats Indoor Lesson

Grades K-2

PRE TRIP: A Bat’s Body, Bat Basics Adaptations, Batitudes

POST TRIP: Bat Man Bird, Bat Beeps, Bat Bulletin

Grades 3-5

PRE TRIP: Bat Myths, Gettings to Know Bats, How a Bat Compares to Me

POST TRIP: The Farmer’s Reply, Bat Scrapbooks, Bat Fruit Salad

Grades 6-8

PRE TRIP Environment and Ecology: Wings of Bats, Bat Trivia

PRE TRIP Language Arts: Bat Fables, Comparison & Contrast

PRE TRIP Social Studies: Bat Perception, Sonar

POST TRIP Environment and Ecology: Echolocation, Fast Food for Bats

POST TRIP Language Arts: Comparison & Contrast

POST TRIP Social Studies: Economic Importance, Bat Protection


Birds of Prey Lessons

Grades K-2

PRE TRIP: How to Spot a Raptor, The Lorax, Owl Predator

POST TRIP: One Bird Short, Raptor Report

Grades 3-5

PRE TRIP: Password, Bird Survive, Migration Models

POST TRIP: Field Guide, Puppets, Owl Food Habits, Deadly Links

Grades 6-8

PRE TRIP Environment & Ecology: Bird Beaks, Carrying Capacity

PRE TRIP Social Studies: The Bald Eagle, War Hawks

PRE TRIP Language Arts: Raptormania, Pamphlet

POST TRIP Environment & Ecology: Bird Adaptations, The Dangers of DDT

POST TRIP Social Studies: DDT Legislation, PA Laws

POST TRIP Language Arts: Figurative Language, Setting Pop-ups


 5-Senses Walk

Grades K-2

PRE or POST TRIP: Monster Fun, Five-Senses, Senses Scavenger Hunt, Senses Mini Lessons, Altogether Now


Geology Walk

Grades K-2

PRE TRIP: Rocks or Minerals?, The Earth Bowl

POST TRIP: Crystalize Me, Rock Cycle Song

PRE OR POST: Everybody Needs a Rock

Grades 3-5

PRE TRIP: What’s the Difference, Edible Igneous, Moving Water

POST TRIP: Crystal Creations, Rocks and Minerals Poster Activity

Grades 6-8

PRE TRIP Environment & Ecology: Bill Nye Video, Chemical Weathering

PRE TRIP Language Arts: Gemstones, Oral Reports on Rocks

PRE TRIP Social Studies: Plymouth Rock, Pennsylvania’s Geology

POST TRIP Environment & Ecology: Making Soil, Weathering and Soil Erosion

POST TRIP Language Arts: Coal the Black Rock, Park Pamphlets

POST TRIP Social Studies: Coal, York County Geology


Insects Indoor Lesson

Grades K-2

PRE TRIP: What is an Insect?, Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar, Dramatize Pollution

POST TRIP: Changing Times, Bug Bash, You Can’t Catch Me

PRE OR POST TRIP: My Insect Collection

Grades 3-5

PRE TRIP: Mealworm Magic, Insect or Not

POST TRIP: Classroom Bugs, Integrated Pest Management Basics

Grades 6-8

PRE TRIP Environment & Ecology: Tall Dark and Handsome, Insect Interest

PRE TRIP Language Arts: Fascinating Facts Bulletin Board, Insectlopedia

PRE TRIP Social Studies: Insect Dangers for the Colonists, Jamestown a Perfect Habitat for Mosquitoes

POST TRIP Environment & Ecology: Arthropod Puzzlers, Insect Travel Brochure

POST TRIP Language Arts: Insect Sound Activity, Survival Guide for Interaction with Insects

POST TRIP Social Studies: DDT Legislation Insects, Insect Entrepreneurs


Landscaping for Wildlife

Grades 3-5

PRE TRIP: Habitat for Sale, Life in a Square

POST TRIP: Backyard Evaluation for Wildlife, Common Species Report

Grades 6-8

PRE TRIP Environment & Ecology: Human Habitats, Animal Homes

PRE TRIP Language Arts: Critter Comfort, Outlining Activity

PRE TRIP Social Studies: Victory Gardens of World War 1 & 2, Plan a Victory Garden

POST TRIP Environment & Ecology: Birds Nest Activity, Pandamonium

POST TRIP Language Arts: Improving Listening Skills, Hummingbird Butterfly Garden

POST TRIP Social Studies: The Gardens of Williamsburg, Landscaping for History


Nature Walk

Grades K-2

PRE OR POST TRIP: Are Trees Alive?, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Fall is Not Easy, Mini Lessons, Spring-Partners in Pollination, The Giving Tree, Weather Noises, Where Plants and Animals Live, Winter Tracks


Northwest Indoor Lesson

Grades K-2

PRE TRIP: Habitat Dioramas, Animal Adaptations Staying Safe

POST TRIP: Habitat Handbags

Grades 3-5

PRE TRIP:  The Northwest Territory, The Beautiful Basics, What Bear Goes Where

POST TRIP:  Camouflage It, Parts that Protect, Muskox Maneuvers

Grades 6-8

PRE TRIP Environment & Ecology: How Many Bear Can Live in the Forest, Oh Deer

PRE TRIP Language Arts: Interview a Spider, An Animal At Risk

PRE TRIP Social Studies: Three Dimensional Map of the Northwest, Native Americans of the Northwest

POST TRIP Environment & Ecology: Can It Be Real?, Don’t Say Goodbye, Saving the Living World Auction

POST TRIP Language Arts: Word Jeopardy, Cinquain, Travel Brochure, Bear Comparison

POST TRIP Social Studies: How Native Americans Depended on Animals, Plotting Animals on Northwest Maps


Reptiles Indoor Lesson

Grades K-2

PRE TRIP: What Is a Reptile?, Snake Snooping, All About Alligators

POST TRIP: Reptile Report, It’s Changing Before Our Eyes, The Missing Gator

Grades 3-5

PRE TRIP:  Reptile Characteristics, Snakes, Snake Senses, Molting

POST TRIP: Lizards, Crocodilians, Crocodiles, Cold-Blooded Animals, Tortoises

Grades 6-8

PRE TRIP Environment & Ecology: Which Niche, Hot ‘n’ Cool Herps, If You Owned the Ecosystem

PRE TRIP Language Arts: Fascinating Facts About Snakes, Try to be Distinctive, Reptile Poetry

PRE TRIP Social Studies: World Map of Poisonous Snakes, Reptiles in American History

POST TRIP Environment & Ecology: Project Reptile, What Would You Do?, Cartoons and Bumper Stickers

POST TRIP Language Arts:  Hammock Brochures, Reptile Tongue Twisters, Turtle Simulation

POST TRIP Social Studies: Legislation to Protect Reptiles


Stream Study

Grades K-2

PRE TRIP: Stream Sense, Circle of Insects, Did You Say

POST TRIP: Habitat Handbag, Common Ground, Insect Report

Grades 3-5

PRE TRIP: Disappearing Act, Imagine, Macroinvertebrate

POST TRIP: Water Works, Aquatic Habitat Homes, The Biotic Index

Grades 6-8

PRE TRIP Environment & Ecology: Stream Study, Ecosystems

PRE TRIP Language Arts: Great Green Globs, What’s New

PRE TRIP Social Studies: Susquehanna, Watershed Simulation

POST TRIP Environment & Ecology: Layer in Sandstone, Macrinvertebrate

PRE or POST TRIP Environment & Ecology: River Gradient

POST TRIP Language Arts: Informational Picture, See What You Save

POST TRIP Social Studies: Clean Water Legislation, Gold Rush


Watershed Hike and Introduction

Grades 3-5

PRE TRIP: Everybody Lives in a Watershed, Understanding and Reading a Topographic Map

POST TRIP: Going with the Flow, Watershed Walk

Grades 6-8

PRE TRIP Environment & Ecology: Chesapeake 2000 Agreement, What is a Watershed?, Watershed Pollution Cards

PRE TRIP Language Arts: Storytellers Part One, Who Moved Your Watershed?

POST TRIP Environment & Ecology: Survival of the Fittest Microbes, Biological Nutrient Removal, It Must Be Something in the Water

POST TRIP Language Arts: Storytellers Part Two, Who Pollutes We Pollute!

PRE OR POST TRIP Social Studies: Understanding and Reading Topographic Maps, A Drop Around the World, Down the Drain, Living Research Aquatic Heroes and Heroines