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Pre-School Storytimes are not available during the School Year 2020/2021 due to Covid 19. Please see the virtual mini-lesson section for virtual PreK lesson available


Pre-School Storytimes

The storytime program is offered to 4-5 year old students.  Each program is approximately 45 minutes.  Storytime lessons are also available for kindergarten and first grade groups as part of your field trip.  Scheduling periods for storytime's are the same as school field trips; spring registration begins December 1 and fall registration begins August 1 (or the first Tuesday of those months).  Click here for more information.  Click here for a pre-school scavenger hunt. 

Fall and Winter Storytimes:

Please choose from one of the three options below for fall and winter storytimes. 

Turtle at Long Pond – Think about autumn as we discuss animal homes.  See a day in the life of an Eastern Box Turtle, then touch some worms, and meet a live turtle!

Owl Babies – Compare bird characteristics to other animals.  Learn about a few owls found in Pennsylvania, the sounds they make, and the foods they eat. Touch real owl feathers and talons and sing an owl song.

Animals in Winter – Act out the strategies different animals have to survive the winter.  Touch animal artifacts and sing an animal song.


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Spring Storytimes:

Please choose from one of the three options below for spring storytimes.

‘Possum and the Peeper - Discover which animals are waking up and becoming active in spring.  Discuss the life cycle of a frog and hear the sounds that frogs make!

Insects - Learn about some common insects and how they are food for other animals.  Dress the teacher up like an insect as you learn about the body parts an insect has. 

Fawns - Discover the parts of a forest and animals that live there.  Read about a day in the life of a fawn. 


Call 717-428-1961 to ask questions, schedule a storytime, or check availability.