For Individuals, Families and Businesses

After disaster strikes, citizens are anxious to return to their normal lives as quickly as possible. Use this tool to report damages to emergency management officials:

Individual Damage Reporting Tool 

This tool is for reporting individual/family damages (houses/buildings damaged by floods, winds, snow/ice, etc), damage to businesses, farms, and non-profits.

An Overview Of Individual/Business Assistance 

Federal Emergency Management Agency 


For Municipalities

FEMA Public Assistance


How Does It Work? 

From PEMA:

The importance of the initial local assessment of damages cannot be over emphasized. This process is essential in determining:

  • What happened and how it has affected individuals and communities.
  • How residential, business and infrastructure property has been affected.
  • Which areas were hardest hit.
  • Which situations must be given response priority.
  • What types of assistance are needed (e.g., local, state, or federal).

Accurate and timely damage reporting is crucial to successfully requesting and receiving federal assistance in the form of either low-interest loans or grants to help Pennsylvania's citizens, businesses and infrastructure recover from a disaster. The recovery process begins with the identification of damages at the local level and the expeditious reporting of those damages within the emergency management channels.